Being a Fuel Ambassador means helping the Fuel community to learn, understand and spread our vision to the world



Join on mission to grow a passionate community of developers and advocates that want to bring true scalability to the Ethereum ecosystem, and beyond.
Who can join?
    You are a passionate developer who wants to be on the cutting edge of the future of blockchains by educating more people about Fuel and Sway.
    You’re not a developer but have a deep understanding of the blockchain paradigm and are enthusiastic about the future of the fastest modular execution layer.
    You are patient and a good communicator.
    You don’t live in an OFAC country.
How is the program structured?
The program is tier-based (5 tiers in total), the higher you get, the more rewards and responsibilities you’ll get.

As an ambassador, you’ll have several tasks to complete in order to be rewarded each month (translating content, moderating chats, creating tutorials, etc.).

After each quarter, the highest-ranking ambassadors will be promoted to the next tier.
How to become an Ambassador?
Being active is not just a simple good morning/good evening message, but being useful to the community. For example, helping new users to understand the testnet, answering simple questions from newcomers.
You can do this on Discord or in local community chats. To begin with, you need to understand the project yourself in order to help others.
On the one hand, it may seem like a trivial thing, but it is still necessary. In our point of view, it is necessary to create useful and high-quality content that will actually be useful to the community. The formula is as follows: just go to the #random section and analyze 50-100 works, set a goal to make it a little better, a little more qualitative, a little more understandable, and these "little things" will make up a big gap between your work and dozens of others. Quality is always more important than quantity, and the team pays attention to this. You can also use your creativity and do something out of the box, like this website or create a local community in your country and tell people about Fuel there. This is how you can stand out among other participants and actually benefit the project, so this is our main idea.


Most people think that by doing dozens of similar works they will get the green light to join the ambassador program, but this is not enough now. Being involved is about making a real difference to the project, about what you can offer to change for the better. Test the project, get to know the Discord server well, and suggest something that will improve the experience of other users. The team is interested in such people, and if you prove yourself well, you will have a certain advantage in joining the ambassador program.
What is FUEL
Blockchains are moving away from a monolithic design, where consensus, data availability, and execution are tightly coupled. The future is modular, where execution is separated from data availability and consensus (e.g. tomorrow's Eth2, or Celestia). This separation allows for specialization at the base layer, delivering a significant increase in bandwidth capacity. At Fuel we are building the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack.

Other pages
We are interested in the development of the Fuele community, so we will consider any proposal for this and do it as best we can. After all, we believe that the real strength of the project is in the community.


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