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FuelWallet is a crypto wallet used to interact with the Fuel Network. This project enables users to access their assets and interact with decentralized applications through a browser extension.
Self-custodial wallet on Fuel for iOS, Android, and Browsers.
Poolshark v1 will act as a liquidity layer for DeFi that takes place on Fuel Network, facilitating token exchange and allowing a greater level of control and automation for the Liquidity Provider to take advantage of.
ELIX is a novel hybrid automated market maker featuring automated concentrated liquidity and delivering additional capital efficiency, improved trade execution and user experience, built on Fuel.
A low-cost, easy-to-use token swapping terminal with two major benefits - versatility and simplicity. Built on fuel.network, it can process over 10,000 transactions per minute.
SwaySwap is a blazingly fast DEX built on Fuel. Built with an entirely new language Sway, virtual machine FuelVM, and UTXO-based smart contract blockchain Fuel, you can now experience a demonstration of the next generation of scaling beyond layer-2s and monolithic blockchain design.
Oracle Service for Custom Data Feeds. Our oracle system provides a large variety of secure data at high speed in real-time. From general data to local weather, insurance services and trading algorithms. Accurate data is delivered to your smart contracts giving you an advantage over competitors through customization.

Verify your NFT by scanning. The implementation of NFT was limited to only digital items. Why not go beyond? We want to build a world where anything we can touch and see can be non-fungible.
A next generation blockchain name system
Marketplace where you can buy/sell encrypted files
Real Estate Tokenization and Fractionalization! Bridging the digital world to the real world. Powered by Fuel Network.
Fuel Network - ID claim your avatar soon
We build in and contribute to @swaylang @fuellabs_ and @CelestiaOrg early adopters
Yama Finance is a novel omnichain decentralized stablecoin built for maximum capital efficiency, speed, and security. Launching on Fuel, Eclipse, Arbitrum, and many other chains.
The acumen micro finance dapp bridges crypto and traditional finance allowing DeFi users to earn an attractive, stable, and uncorrelated yield while engendering an equitable environment where Small and Medium size Enterprises(SMEs) and entrepreneurs can prosper.
FuFi is a next-generation cryptocurrency aggregator build on the Fuel Network designed to offer users a one-stop-shop for all their cryptocurrency needs.
Fluid Protocol $USDF is the native decentralized stablecoin for Fuel Network
Building the native decentralized exchange on Fuel Network
Lending and Borrow protocol on Fuel Network
NFT Marketplace
Thunder — is an NFT marketplace with superior experience built on the Fuel Network. The team aims to build the largest NFT marketplace built on top of the fastest execution layer in the entire Ethereum ecosystem.
The next Gen NFT Marketplace on Fuel Network
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