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The past week has been filled with exciting news within the @fuel_network ecosystem, featuring captivating events and interactive AMA sessions. The ecosystem is thriving and witnessing significant growth, marked by the accomplishment of several remarkable milestones. Let's delve into them below.

This week, #Fuel organized a Twitter Spaces session with RedStone Oracles, providing valuable insights into RedStone's modular approach and its seamless integration on the Fuel platform. Don't miss out on the recording:
RedStone has successfully joined the Fuel ecosystem, bringing its modular oracles to the table. These oracles offer affordable and efficient data solutions for DeFi, unlocking a plethora of exciting possibilities and use cases within the Fuel platform. Get ready to witness the power of RedStone's integration on Fuel!

3The Beta-3 Testnet is currently underway. For more information and to start building on the testnet, please refer to this article: Announcing “Beta-3”, Fuel’s Third Public Testnet (fuel-labs.ghost.io)

Save the date: June 21st is when we'll be unveiling a thrilling mini-course on LearnWeb3 exclusively dedicated to Fuel! Make sure to mark your calendars and join us for the launch celebration on June 21st.
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