How to begin testing SwaySwap?
What is it? what is it for?
Before proceeding, please ensure that you have successfully installed the Fuel Wallet and received test tokens.

Now you are ready to start testing the SwaySwap Dapp!

To begin testing SwaySwap, go to
Once you are on the SwaySwap website, click on the "Launch App" button. Then find and click on "Connect Wallet."
Now you can proceed to receive test tokens and start testing. Click on "Give me Ether" to initiate testing.
To add SwaySwap tokens to your wallet, click on "Add Assets" below and proceed with transaction approval.
Next, click on "Mint Assets" to mint and add the test tokens sETH and DAI used in SwaySwap, and proceed with transaction approval.
You can see the test tokens in your wallet.
Done! Select the checkbox and click on "Get Swapping."
Now let's make a swap and add liquidity!

Note: Currently, SwaySwap only supports trading pairs for sETH and DAI. Other trading pairs may be added in the future.

To start exchanging sETH to DAI, first select the desired amount of sETH you want to swap. Then click on "Swap."
Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Now you can repeat the swap for Dai to Eth.
Now let's add liquidity.

Select the "Pool" tab and click on "Add Liquidity."
Choose the desired amount of tokens and then click on "Create Liquidity" to proceed.
Congratulations! You have successfully swapped tokens, added liquidity, and removed liquidity.
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